How To Measure For Ordering Blinds

All our blinds are made to order so it's important you send us correct measurements. Here's our quick guide to getting it right

step 1Decide Where The Blind Will Hang

Your blind can either hang inside the window recess or outside. If you're thinking of fitting inside the recess, check there is nothing to prevent the blind from hanging naturally, such as a handle, phone socket or fittings. If a recess is shallow - with a depth of less than 6cm - or your windows open inwards. it's usually best to fit the blinds outside the recess.

Step 2 made to orderGet Your Tools Together

You'll need a measure and for this task, a metal tape is best. You'll also need a pencil and paper. Depending on the height of your windows, you may need a stepladder to reach the top of the recess. You'll see why that's important in the next step.

Step 3Take Your Measurements

Although window recesses are supposed to be square and straight, you'd be surprised how many aren't especially on older houses. This means that the height and width may be different depending on where you measure.

The solution is to measure both width and height in three different places. First measure the width across the top of the recess, then the middle and then at the bottom. Write down all your measurements. Then measure the height, first at one edge, then in the centre, then at the other edge. Write down all three measurements.

How to measure blinds

It's good practice to take each measurement twice. Anybody can misread a measure, even professionals - which is why they always measure twice.

Step 4Work Out Your Blind Size

For blinds outside the recess, you can average out each set of measurements. You then need to add a little for overlap:

  • We recommend adding 10cm to the width to allow adequate overhang to block out light. 
  • We recommend adding 15-20cm to the height to allow most of the blind to be pulled up above the window to maximise the light.
  • And if your window sill does not protrude and your blind can hang below it, we'd recommend adding another 5cm to the height to allow overhang at the bottom to block out light too.

For blinds to be fitted in the recess, you should use the minimum measurement for the width, otherwise you risk your blind being too wide for the recess. For the blind to rise and fall smoothly, we recommend you subtract 1cm from the width measurement. If you also use the minimum measure for height, your blind should hang naturally within the recess. 

Please take care with your measurements. We want your blinds to be perfect, but the measurement is literally in your hands.